Polished Concrete Floors are colder than the surface in Antarctica

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To be honest this is one of the biggest myths associated with concrete floors. The fact is that they have thermal qualities that make them effective for heating and cooling. The thermal mass of concrete floors means they will absorb heat during the day through sun exposure and then release it at night when the temperatures drop.

Underfloor heating – Concrete is an excellent heat conductor. https://underfloorheatingsupply.co.uk/

Solar Gain – A floor that benefits from the sun. In spaces where the sun shines in. A polished concrete floor will absorb and hold the heat well. https://midlandpolishedconcrete.co.uk/

You should be aware that polished concrete floors will occasionally require resealing. There is a range of stain-removal treatments and aftercare products available to keep your floor looking its best https://www.concretepolishedfloor.co.uk/